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Chunker AI excels at breaking down text into chunks and batch processing with ChatGPT

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Q & A

  • How to use Chunker AI?

    • 1. Register.
    • 2. Enter your OpenAI API key (get one here:
    • 3. Add your text from a text, PDF file, or Youtube link.
    • 4. Segment your text into chunks.
    • 5. You can edit each chunk and select only those that you wish to process.
    • 6. Write your GPT prompt or select one from templates.
    • 7. Begin processing with AI.
    • 8. Pause and edit the processed chunks as needed.
    • 9. Download the result as a DOC or PDF.
  • How much does it cost?

    OpenAI will bill you directly for any API usage. However, Chunker AI is free to use.

  • How does prompting work?

    Prompts tell AI how to change text. They're like instructions, often including patterns, context, literary tools, examples, and more. The options are nearly limitless. You can aim for a specific result or just experiment.

    Prompts are getting applied to all selected chunks one by one in order.

    Ensure that your chosen prompt is relevant to all chunks.

    The practice of prompting involves experimentation. Processing can be paused at any time to review the processed text, and adjust for better results.

    For a comprehensive understanding, visit:

  • Which model should I use?

    The choice depends on your needs.

    GPT-3.5-turbo is quicker and more affordable, but offers a lower quality output—ideal for simpler tasks.

    Gpt-4-1106-preview, on the other hand, is slower, but more advanced and is recommended for tasks like book translations or those demanding higher-quality results.

  • What formats does Chunker AI support?

    As of now, we only support plain text, PDF, and Youtube links.

    Additional formats might be supported in the future. Contact below.